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We are NOT typical Asian restaurant as we do not pre-cooked any of our dishes. None of our dishes or even soups can be cooked within 10 minutes especially when our restaurant is packed. Please give yourself at least 2 hours if you have tickets to any of the shows. 2 hours does not include time waiting for a table or time waiting for your company to arrive or time taking to decide what to order. Our chef prepares the dishes according to the ticket she receives on the first come first serve basis.

If you don't have time to let us prepare your food and for you to enjoy them, do NOT blame your server, our chef or our restaurant. BLAME yourself for not managing your time properly. Perhaps you should plan on a day when you have time to really enjoy your food.

The above statement might be too harsh for some but if you put yourself in our shoes and work here on a busy day, you might understand why. I really hate to put my staff under stress where they were reduced to tears just because someone need to get to a movie within 20 minutes and started yelling at them.